Theory Mailing Lists

There are 14 theory mailing lists, but the following four are particularly important. All mailing lists are

  • thstud -- Students doing theory CS work. It includes students working with a theory professor, first-year students who will likely join up with a theory professor, and students with non-theory professors doing theory-related work or interested in theory.
  • thfac -- Theory faculty. This includes faculty on the theory wing and faculty in other areas who do theory-related work.
  • thseminar -- Theory faculty, theory PhD students, visiting scholars in theory, and other Stanford theory students (post-docs, masters students, etc).
  • thwing -- A group for administrative purposes, it includes all the theory folks whose office is in the theory wing of the CS building.

Some of the groups listed above can be broken down.

thstud consists of students doing theory-related work. It is made up of thphd which consists of theory PhD candidates, and a list (not available separately) of theory-related students who are not pursuing their PhD in theory.

thfac consists of theory division professors (thdivfac) and theory-affiliated professors (thfacaff).

thstaff is the list of current theory staff. It is part of the theoryall mailing list.

thvis consists of visiting researchers in theory. It is part of the theoryall list as well as the thseminar list.

thres consists of theory researchers at Stanford who are not faculty or PhD students. This includes masters students, post-docs, etc. thaff consists of researchers affiliated to Stanford in the local area.

theoryall is the largest mailing list, consisting of current theory students, theory faculty (including affiliated faculty), theory staff, and theory visitors. In addition, it includes thres and thaff.

Finally, thalum is a list of Stanford PhD alumni. It is not included in any other list.

Contact Kevin Lewi for additions, deletions etc.