Economics, Business and Public Policy Links

Exchange rate - Thai Baht
Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand
Nikko Securities Co., Ltd., Japan
Phone Card Business
Internet Phone
Internet Phone (Macintosh)
United Nations Information Server at Yale
Thai Stock Closings
Yahoo index of Economics Web Sites
EDGAR:Corporate and mutual-fund SEC filings
NYSE Stock quotes delayed 15 minutes
List of WWW pages maintained by public companies
investment on the internet, S&P 500 Index
Financial Economics WWW Server
UVC Main Menu
Institute of Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley
Europa European Union's WWW
FEN - Financial Economics Network including job listing.
Economics Working Papers Archive
Internet Resource List for Economists
Asian Business Daily
Asia Inc.
Iowa Business School Internet Links
Journal of Eusiness and Economic Statistics Archive
SHSU Economics Gopher
EBB Monetary Data
National Income and Products Accounts Data
Economics working paper bibliographical material
Job Openings for Economists

Government Agencies

Library of Congress
Computing Systems Technology Office
Planet Earth: Air Force
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Air Force Command
USAF Server
NSF WWW Server
NASA * Hot Topics *
Assessment Technology Branch
WWW VL: Federal Agencies
DoD Web Sites
CapWeb: Guide to Congress
GPO Access on the Web
Government Printing Office, including access to General Accounting Office (GAO)
US Census
NIST Mathematical Software Repository
.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center (EDC)
Finance Net