The Lost Generation

by Kamlesh Kapur

Trade Paperback
225 pages approximately
$15.95 Net

About the Book

This is the story of Mark Hansen, a psychiatric doctor attached to the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center in the local hospital, and Satee Guha, a psychology student at the local university. It deals with the psychological foundation of a certain personality syndrome, which eventually leads to desperate remedies at escape. In several analysis of drug culture, the blame has been laid on peer pressure, economic problems of the ghettos, poverty, lucrative aspects of business, or the failure to live up to the professed standards. This book discusses the causes of drug abuse such as institutional breakdown and collapse of cultural defense mechanisms. It also suggests solutions for a drug free society.

It is not a violent and sensational sex thriller, but an accurate portrait of a generation frightened, distraught, confused, and betrayed by their creators/guardians. In a cross cultural love story, the author has tried to create a larger context.

About the Author

Kamlesh Kapur holds an M.A. in Economics and an M.Sc. in Education from St. John's University in New York, and is currently teaching in New York. She has several books to her credit, all of which have been received well here in the United States and India. She is actively associated with a number of organizations and speaks to the young members of various ethnic groups.

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