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  1. No item of business shall be transacted by a body of the Association unless pursuant to a vote of that body during a properly called meeting at which a quorum is present.

  2. Unless otherwise indicated, all votes by any body of the Association shall be by a majority of those members present and voting.

  3. In those cases where a two-thirds vote is indicated, this shall be two-thirds of those members present and voting.

  4. Unless otherwise stated in the Constitution or these By-Laws, all ex-officio members of a body established under the Constitution or these By-Laws shall be without vote in that body.

  5. Previous Notice
    1. Unless otherwise specified in the Constitution or these By-Laws, previous or prior notice shall consist of written notice distributed during the immediately previous meeting of the appropriate body of the Association. Such notice must include enough information so as to clearly define the scope and degree of the proposed motion. Any modifications of the motion outside of this scope or degree shall invalidate the previous notice.

    2. However, for proposed legislation arising spontaneously out of the business transacted at a meeting of a body of the Association, which proposed legislation could not reasonably have been foreseen prior to that meeting, previous notice may consist of the announcement at that meeting of the proposed topic of legislation, provided that written notice meeting the above requirements is made available to all members of that body within twenty-four hours.

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