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Relationship to Other ASSU Branches

  1. The COP and the Student Affairs committee of the Senate shall be jointly responsible for overseeing the Dorm Representatives Program.

  2. Each dorm complex shall be assigned a representative from the Student Affairs committee who shall coordinate the activities of that dorm complex. He/She shall attend the meetings of the dorm complex and communicate upcoming Senate actions, events, deadlines and general ASSU information to the dorm representatives. In addition, the Student Affairs representative shall collect a summary of information presented by each dorm representative and shall present that information at meetings of the Student Affairs committee.

  3. Dorm representatives shall be encouraged to attend meetings of the Student Affairs committee as well as to speak in Open Forum during Senate meetings about issues brought to them by students.

  4. The operating expenses of the Dorm Representatives Program shall be paid for out of the operating budget of the Student Affairs committee.

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