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Senate Associates

There shall be ten ex-officio members of the Senate selected from the first-year undergraduate, transfer, and first-year graduate and professional school members of the Association. These ten ex-officio members of the Senate may attend all meetings of the Senate and engage in debate. In addition, they shall be eligible for appointment to committees of the Senate, but shall be without vote in both the Senate and its committees. These ex-officio members shall be selected by the Nominations Commission during the first five weeks of Autumn Quarter by allocating four positions to first-year undergraduates and transfers, four positions to first-year graduate and professional school students, with the remaining two positions to be filled by any combination of first-year undergraduates, transfers and first-year graduate/professional school students.

If the Nominations Commission determines that sufficient publicity has occurred but that there have not been enough qualified applicants to fill the designated positions, then the Nominations Commission shall recommend additional applicants without regard to their graduate, undergraduate or transfer status.

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