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Senior Committee Staff Assistant

  1. Shall be a member of the Association nominated by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Senate.

  2. Shall serve a term of office concurrent with that of the members of the Nominations Commission.

  3. May be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. At least forty-eight (48) hours written notice shall be given to the individual in question, and he/she shall be allowed to speak in his/her defense at the Senate meeting at which the removal is to take place.

  4. Shall be paid a salary as specified in the Committee Staff Assistants budget.

  5. Duties
    1. To be the Chief Executive Officer for the Committee Staff Assistants.

    2. To report to the Nominations Commission, the Council of Presidents, and the Senate at least once a month.

    3. To assign each Committee Staff Assistant to a Standing Committee of the Senate.

    4. To meet with the Committee Staff Assistants once every two weeks to co-ordinate their activities and hear their reports.

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