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Committee Staff Assistants

  1. Shall be members of the Association nominated by the Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Senate.

  2. Shall serve a term of office concurrent with that of the members of the Nominations Commission.

  3. May be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. At least forty-eight (48) hours written notice shall be given to the individual in question, and he/she shall be allowed to speak in his/her defense at the Senate meeting at which the removal is to take place.

  4. Shall be paid a salary as specified in the Committee Staff Assistants budget.

  5. There shall be three Committee Staff Assistants reporting to the Senior Committee Staff Assistant. Each Committee Staff Assistant shall also report to the Student Affairs committee.

  6. Duties
    1. To assist the Nominations Commission in monitoring committee attendance and activity of all Association representatives.

    2. Organizing and scheduling interviews of committee candidates with the Nominations Commission.

    3. Publicizing openings on committees and otherwise seeking to attract qualified candidates for Nominations Commission review.

    4. Notifying candidates of the Nominations Commission decisions soon after those decisions.

    5. Creating a resource base whereby appointed committee members may learn of the times and places of their meetings, and keeping updated lists for easy reference of key contact people within those committees.

    6. To maintain files (agendas, the minutes of all meetings, committee reports, etc.) on each committee.

    7. To monitor the progress of issues within committees, report on those issues to the Senate, and assist Association representatives in publicizing issues.

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