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Composition and Duties

  1. Within two weeks of election, the Council shall choose a Chair from its membership to:

    1. Act as the primary spokesperson for the Council.

    2. Coordinate the activities of the Council and its members.

    3. Serve as Chair of the Executive Committee.

    4. Coordinate the production of the Association Annual Report.

    5. Make a quarterly State of the Association statement to the Senate.

    6. Specify, with Council approval, members of the Council to sit as representatives on those bodies not specifically included in this section.

    The Council shall have the power to remove the Chair. Such removal shall require the approval of three members of the Council.

  2. Other Council Members

    The remaining members of the Council shall divide up the duties of the Executive in the following manner:

    1. One member shall be in charge of overseeing the operations of all Association Service Projects. This member shall serve as Chair of the Administrative Cabinet.

    2. One member shall be in charge of overseeing the finances of the Association, including all Association Business Projects, in conjunction with the Financial Manager.

    3. One member shall be in charge of coordinating Association activities in the University policy-making structure. This member shall:

      1. Work with the Committee Staff Assistants to oversee the University committee system.

      2. Serve as Chair of the University Committee Cabinet.

  3. Other Duties

    All executive duties not specified in this section may be divided up and assigned by the Council itself. These assignments shall be announced at the Senate meeting following this action.

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