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Subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the Association and these By-Laws, the Administrative Manager shall be directly responsible to the Council of Presidents and the Senate for the performance of the following duties:

  1. Shall serve as chief Administrative officer of the Association, and shall be responsible for the efficient functioning of the Association and its agencies on a day-to-day basis, and shall report on their condition to the Senate. However, the Administrative Manager shall not have jurisdiction over the Financial Office, the Association Office, the business projects of the Association, or other entities reporting directly to the Financial Manager.

  2. Shall oversee the administration of the Association service projects, the Nominations Commission, and the Elections Commission. However, such oversight shall only be with respect to the administrative aspects of the operation of those entities, and shall not interfere with the substantive decisions made by those entities in their specialized area of jurisdiction.

  3. Shall regularly review the financial performance of all bodies of the Association under his/her control and shall ensure that each functions within its specific budget.

  4. Shall provide administrative support for Committees of the Senate and activities undertaken by the executive officers of the Association in their official capacities. However, his/her major responsibilities shall be in connection with the routine on-going administration of the Association as described above.

  5. Shall assume such additional responsibilities as are provided for by the Senate, which shall retain ultimate authority over the delegation of responsibilities to the Administrative Manager.

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