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Appointment and Term of Office

  1. Shall not, during their term of office, serve as an elected officer of the Association.

  2. Availability of these positions shall be advertised, and all members of the Association shall be given an opportunity to apply for them.

  3. Shall be nominated by the Administrative Staff Assistants' Selection Committee, which shall consist of the Administrative Manager, the Associate Administrative Manager, a current Administrative Staff Assistant (who is not applying for reappointment and who is selected to serve on the committee by the Administrative Manager), a member of the Council of Presidents and A Senator. A quorum of the committee shall consist of four members of the committee. All decisions of the committee, including the initial screening of applicants shall be by a quorum of the committee. No decision of the committee shall be valid unless approved by three members of the committee.

  4. Shall be nominated in the Winter quarter and confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate.

  5. Shall serve during the following Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, or until their successors have taken office.

  6. Any or all of the Administrative Staff Assistants may be removed by the Council of Presidents, subject to appeal to the Senate, or by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. At least 48 hours written notice of his/her removal shall be given to each Assistant being removed.

  7. If a vacancy occurs due to the death, resignation, or removal of the one or more of the Administrative Staff Assistants, then the Administrative Staff Assistants' Selection Committee shall nominate a replacement for Senate approval, such an approval requiring a two-thirds vote.

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