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  1. Under the supervision of the Administrative Manager, the Administrative Staff Assistants shall perform such tasks connected with the routine administration of the Association which would otherwise be carried out by the members of the Council (including but not limited to administrative tasks connected with the following: elections, the appointment of students to committees, the allocation of funds to student organizations, the recruitment of Association personnel, and the administration of those parts of the Association Operating Budget as are under the direct control of the Council).

  2. The Administrative Staff Assistants may, at the direction of the Administrative Manager , provide staff support for special committees or task forces established by the Council or the Senate. However, their major responsibilities shall be in connection with the routine on-going administration of the Association as described above.

  3. The Administrative Staff Assistants shall not, in their official capacity, advocate positions concerning, or express opinions regarding, any substantive issues coming before the Senate, its Committees, or any University committee or agency of the Association

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