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Election Budget

  1. All expenses incurred, and all income received, by the Commission shall be specified in the budget of the Commission.

  2. Expenses shall include, but need not be limited to, general administrative, indirect cost recovery, salaries and wages of election officers, expenses of the Hearings Committee, general publicity, the Elections Handbook, polling, ballots, ballot counting, and a budget reserve.

  3. Income shall include, but need not be limited to, an Association allowance, a University allowance, and funds in the Elections Surcharge account. All unexpected income shall be credited to the budget reserve.

  4. The Commission may transfer funds from the budget reserve into any other expense category except Commission salaries, provided that prompt notice is given to the Senate of all such transfers.

  5. The commission shall inform all graduate students by mail as to the dates of a general election, locations of polling places and hours of operation. The mailing must also include information on obtaining ASSU fee refunds.

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