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  1. The members of the Commission, the staff of the Commission, the members of the Hearings Committee, and the Hearings Officer shall be known as the election officers.

  2. No election officer may be hindered by any member or officer of the Association in any way in the performance of his/her duties.

  3. Election officers shall be compensated in the amount and manner specified in the budget of the Elections Commission.

  4. The Elections Commission shall operate under the oversight of the Administrative Manager in devising and implementing the procedures for carrying out elections and other purely administrative matters. However, subject to the provisions of the Constitution, these By-Laws, and the Special Charge of the Commission, the Commission shall exercise its independent judgment in determining the eligibility of candidates, slates, sponsors, Special Fee requests, and ballot measures; the validity of nominating petitions; the filing of charges against candidates, slates, and sponsors; and in making all other substantive decisions.

  5. Interpretation of Elections Rules

    1. The Senate shall not interpret or clarify any Constitutional or By-Laws provisions concerning elections, or supplement or amend the Charge to the Commission, unless requested to do so on an administrative matter by the Elections Commission or on a matter concerning campaign rules by the Hearings Officer or, if not in response to such a request, except by a two-thirds vote. The Elections Commission and Hearings Officer shall ignore any Senate actions not in accordance with this provision.

    2. The Elections Commission or Hearings Officer may request an interpretation or clarification by posing a specific question in a letter to the Senate Chair or Council of Presidents. The Senate Chair shall convene a meeting of the Administration and Rules Committee as soon as possible to answer the question, and shall make the answer available to all members of the Senate. The Senate may subsequently issue a substitute answer, which shall supersede the previous answer, but shall not be retroactive.

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