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  1. Placement on the ballot shall refer to the qualification for election of the appropriate candidate or slate, or for approval of the appropriate Special Fee request or ballot measure. Appearance on the ballot shall refer to actual mention on the physical election ballot of the appropriate candidate, slate, Special Fee request, or ballot measure.

  2. In borderline cases, the Elections Commissioner in consultation with the Hearings Officer shall allow election issues to proceed towards placement on the ballot.

  3. A meeting shall be held the week prior to the beginning of campaigning, or, in the case of the Spring quarter general election, the first week of Spring quarter, to orient all candidates, slates, and sponsors to election practices. The time and place of the meeting shall be announced to all individuals who have filed declarations of intent and shall be publicized by at least two display ads in the Stanford Daily or flyer distributions through the Ad Agency the week of the meeting.

  4. Any candidate, slate, or sponsor may withdraw from the election by submitting to the Commission, at least twenty-four hours prior to the opening of the polls, a written declaration of withdrawal. A list of all withdrawals shall be prominently posted at each polling site.

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