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Declaration of Intent

A declaration of intent shall be a signed statement certifying that a candidate, slate, or sponsor has fulfilled or intends to fulfill all appropriate requirements for placement on the ballot, and that they ``have read or will read the Campaign Practices Code, and agree to abide by it and any rulings issued by the Elections Commission.''

  1. The filing of a declaration of intent shall normally be the first step in seeking placement on the ballot.

  2. The Commission shall approve a declaration of intent upon verification that all the requirements for placement on the ballot have been met.

  3. A list of all candidates, slates, Special Fee requests, and ballot measures whose declarations of intent have been approved by the Commission shall be posted in the Commission office, and this information shall be made available to student publications in a timely manner.

  4. No declarations of intent for the Spring quarter general election shall be accepted before the Monday four weeks prior to the beginning of Dead Week during Winter quarter.

  5. No declarations of intent for the Spring quarter general elections shall be accepted later than 9:00 p.m. the day after the last day of the election.

  6. The Commission shall, with the approval of the Senate, specify other deadlines for the filing of declarations of intent for all other elections.

  7. No candidate or slate shall be elected to office, and no Special Fee request or ballot measure approved, unless the appropriate candidate, slate, or sponsor has filed an approved declaration of intent with the Commission.

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