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Election Receipts

  1. Election receipts shall be issued to all voters in the Spring quarter general election.

  2. An election receipt shall be a two-part form containing spaces for the voter's printed name, signature, and student identification number. The receipt shall have printed on it the fiscal year for which it is valid and the following statement: ``Save this receipt. It must be presented each quarter of <year> in order to obtain a refund of fees assessed. The ASSU does not guarantee to be able to replace lost receipts. If replacement is possible, a charge will be made.'' Receipts shall be designed in such a manner so as to make it difficult to produce illegal copies.

  3. Election receipts shall be numbered sequentially prior to their distribution to the polling sites.

  4. Unmarked election receipts shall be treated as unmarked ballots; marked election receipts shall be treated as marked ballots.

  5. All unused election receipts shall be destroyed within one week after the election, except for those needed to issue replacement receipts during the ensuing year. These shall be clearly marked as duplicates and shall be transferred to the custody of the Financial Manager.

  6. Duplicate copies of all marked election receipts shall be sorted to permit easy location of any individual receipt. These sorted receipts shall be kept securely in the Association Office until after the Summer Quarter refund period of the fiscal year following the election.

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