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Casting a Ballot

  1. The voter shall present a valid unmarked student identification card to the poll watcher.

  2. The poll watcher shall determine which class of ballot should be issued to the voter.

  3. The voter shall supply the information requested on the signature sheet or the election receipt.

  4. The poll watcher shall compare the signature sheet or election receipt and the student identification card to verify that the name, signature, and student identification number match.

  5. The poll watcher shall issue the appropriate ballot to the voter, along with means to mark the ballot.

  6. The voter shall then mark the ballot, being free to consult copies of the Elections Handbook and the poll watcher, who shall confine his/her remarks to the method of casting the ballot.

  7. The voter shall then deposit the ballot in the ballot box provided at the polling site.

  8. The poll watcher shall then mark a predetermined box on the student identification card.

  9. The poll watcher shall then return the marked student identification card and the original copy of the election receipt, if any, to the voter.

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