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Final Tally

  1. No individuals other than members of the Commission and ballot counter shall be informed of the results of any tally, including the number of ballots cast, until all polls have been declared closed. However, nothing in this section shall prevent the Elections Commission from allowing members of the Association to inspect marked signature sheets and/or marked election receipts during the election under the supervision of a member of the Commission, provided that the security of these records is maintained.

  2. After the polls have been declared closed, the Elections Commissioner shall make a reasonable attempt before the deadline for filing declarations of intent to contact all candidates who have a reasonable chance of being elected to office and who have not filed such a declaration.

  3. The preliminary tally shall consist of a complete tally of all those ballots cast on campus (the ``campus tally''); plus all absentee ballots which were returned to the Commission and tallied, and all overseas ballots which were cast, tallied, and the results reported to the Commission, by the time that the campus tally was finished. The preliminary tally shall be completed and announced within seven days of the closing of the polls.

  4. The final tally shall consist of the complete tally from the Stanford campus, all overseas campuses, and the absentee ballots, provided that no absentee ballots received by the Commission less than 4 days, nor any overseas ballot tallies reported to the Commission less than 4 days, prior to the day on which the Senate will consider the resolution(s) of certification, shall be included in the final tally. Under no circumstances shall ballots be tallied or the final tally altered after this deadline.

  5. No result may be certified except on the basis of the final tally.

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