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Recount of Votes Cast

  1. Any candidate, slate, or sponsor may request a recount of the results of an Association election by filing a recount request within seventy-two hours after the announcement by the Commission of the final tally.

  2. All recount requests shall contain the name of the requesting party, his/her local address and phone number, and a $250bond, to be placed on deposit with the Students' Organizations Fund. No bond shall be required if the requested recount is limited to races decided by less than 1%.

  3. A request shall be considered filed upon receipt by the Elections Commissioner of the request and by the Students' Organizations Fund of the bond.

  4. The Commission shall initiate a recount of all ballots, obtaining a new tally of votes. No election result shall be certified until this recount is completed. The party requesting the recount may be present during the recount.

  5. If the candidate, slate, or sponsor requesting the recount is elected to office (if a candidate or slate), has the Special Fee request or ballot measure approved (if the sponsor in favor), or has the Special Fee request or ballot measure defeated (if the sponsor opposed) on the basis of the new tally, then the bond shall be refunded by the Students' Organizations Fund; otherwise the bond shall be forfeit, and shall be credited to the budget reserve of the Commission.

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