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Assistant Financial Manager

  1. The Financial Manager shall be assisted in his/her duties by the Assistant Financial Managers as needed.

  2. Assistant Financial Managers shall be nominated in the Winter quarter by the Assistant Financial Managers' Selection Committee. which shall consist of the Financial Manager (who shall chair the committee), the Associate Financial Manager, one member of the Council of Presidents, and two Senators, one undergraduate and one graduate. A quorum of the committee shall consist of four members of the committee. All decisions of the committee, including initial screening of applicants, shall be by a quorum of the committee. No decision of the committee shall be valid unless approved by three members of the committee.

  3. The Senate shall confirm all Assistant Financial Mangers by a two-thirds vote.

  4. The removal of Assistant Financial Managers shall be done by the procedure specified for the removal of Business Project Managers in Article VI, Section 4 (B), of these By-Laws.

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