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Special Fees

  1. By the eighth week of Autumn quarter, the Senate shall adopt a schedule specifying the date by which student organizations seeking Senate approval for the placement of their Special Fee request on the ballot in the Association general election shall submit their budgets for the following fiscal year to the Senate Appropriations Committee, and the date(s) on which the Appropriations Committee may submit such budgets to the Senate for approval. Budgets may not be submitted to the Senate later than eight weeks before the end of Winter Quarter.

  2. The Senate Appropriations Committee shall review all Special Fee requests submitted to it in accordance with this schedule, and shall recommend to the Senate whether or not each Special Fee request should be placed on the ballot by the Senate in its original or an amended form, and may recommend that the special fee request be divided.

  3. The Appropriations Committee's recommendation to the Senate shall be based on all relevant information, including but not limited to: the reasonableness of the detailed budget submitted by the student organization and the size of its total fee request, a consideration of the organization's other potential sources of income, the value of the services provided to the members of the Association by the organization, and the appropriateness of using Special Fee funds to provide those services.

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