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  1. Every member of the Association voting in the Spring quarter general election authorizing the collection of Special Fees shall be issued proof of their having voted.

  2. A member of the Association who had voted in the Spring quarter general election, but who has lost his/her proof of voting, may be reissued proof of voting by applying to the Financial Manager. The duplicate receipts issued during the election shall guide the Financial Manager in reissuing proof of voting.

  3. Only those members of the Association either presenting proof of voting or evidence that they were not registered members of the Association during this general election shall be entitled to refunds.

  4. The Financial Manager shall ensure that fee refunds are made available in a timely and efficient manner to eligible members requesting them and that all such person are informed of the procedure to obtain refunds. These procedures shall specifically include the following:

    1. A mailing of fee-refund request forms to all eligible students no later than the first week of Autumn Quarter effective Fall 1992. These forms must also be made available throughout the year at the ASSU offices.

    2. All eligible students who return fee refund request forms prior to or during the third week of any quarter shall be mailed a refund check for that quarter and all subsequent quarters during that fiscal year for which the student remains enrolled. All checks must be mailed by the seventh week of quarter.

    3. Students may alter their fee refund requests at any time during the year by submitting a new form at the ASSU offices. The modified request will take effect during the quarter submitted if submitted before the fourth week of the quarter, else it shall take effect during the following quarter(s).

    4. Exceptions to this policy will be allowed if and only if authorized by a two-thirds vote of the Senate with previous notice.

  5. The Financial Manager shall advertise deadlines as appropriate to ensure students are aware of these procedures.

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