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Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Responsibility for the fiscal and budgetary policy of a Service Project is lodged primarily in the designated governing body of that project, secondarily in the Financial Manager, and ultimately in the Senate.

  2. No funds may be expended or received by a Service Project unless authorized by the budget of the project. Authorization shall be defined to be the approval by the Senate of a budget, or a modification to an authorized budget.

  3. If the position of Treasurer of a project is vacant, then the Director, in consultation with the Financial Manager, shall appoint an acting Treasurer until a permanent replacement has been nominated and confirmed through the usual appointment process.

  4. Financial records involving disbursement of ASSU-allocated money must remain available to the public in accordance with the ASSU's freedom of information policy. The Financial Manager or his or her designate may develop procedures to administer this access, but they must have the following attributes: a) all funded records except those which could reasonable be expected to result in personal persecution of those involved must be available to members of the public requesting the opportunity to peruse or photocopy them, b) requests for records must be honored within five days of receipt of the request, c) if photocopying is done through some standard procedure by the Financial Manager's office, the cost charged for this service may not exceed 10 cents per page, d) no other charges may be assessed individuals requesting information, e) the integrity of records must be preserved, f) requests must remain confidential (i.e., between organizational treasurer, Financial Manager, and party seeking access), and g) no requester may be required to indicate the rationale behind a particular request.

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