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Service Projects Officers' Selection Committees

Whenever directed by these By-Laws, officers of service projects shall be nominated by separate selection committees for each project, to be known as a Service Project Officer's Selection Committee, which shall consist of a member of the Council of Presidents (who shall chair the committee), two Senators (one graduate and one undergraduate), the Administrative Manager, and the current project officer (unless the current officer is applying for reappointment, in which case the remaining members of the committee shall select a replacement member of the committee who has been active in the project). A quorum of the committee shall consist of four members of the committee. All decisions of the committee, except the selection of a replacement members of the committee, but including the initial screening of applicants, shall be by a quorum of the committee. No decision of the committee, including the selection of a replacement member of the committee, shall be valid unless approved by three members of the committee.

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