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Composition of the Board

  1. Six members of the Association
    1. They shall not, during their term of membership on the Board, serve as elected officers of the Association.

    2. Shall be nominated by the Nominations Commission and approved by the Senate during Spring quarter.

    3. Shall serve on the Board as ex-officio members during the Spring quarter.

    4. Shall serve on the Board during the following Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, or until their successors have been chosen.

    5. May be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate upon either the recommendation of the Board or the joint recommendation of the Director and the Council of Presidents. At least forty-eight hours written notice must be given to the member in question, and he/she shall be given an opportunity to speak before the Senate.

    6. Although members must conduct their business in accordance with relevant provisions of the Constitution, these By-Laws, Acts of the Senate, the Rules of Order of the Board, and the Standing Rules of the Board, a member shall not be removed for political reasons.

    7. If a vacancy occurs due to the death, resignation, or removal of a member on the Board, then the Nominations Committee shall nominate a replacement for Senate approval.

  2. The Director shall serve on the Board and act as its Chair. The Deputy Director shall serve on the Board.

  3. One member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the Deputy Chair of the Senate, and a designated member of the Council of Presidents shall serve as ex-officio members on the Board.

  4. No officer of a student organization receiving funds from the Board shall vote on an allocation of funds to that organization.

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