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  1. In this section the Publications Board shall be referred to as ``the Board,'' and the Finance Committee of the Board shall be referred to as ``the Finance Committee.''

  2. The Board shall be a membership Board, and its Finance Committee shall recommend to the Senate allocations of funds from the Publications Board General Fee.

  3. The Board shall coordinate and represent the interests of all student publications.

  4. The Board shall work to develop current publications and assist new publications.

  5. The Board shall serve as an information source through which student publications can share experiences and knowledge.

  6. The Board shall oversee the business conduct of student publications and take disciplinary action (including suspension and expulsion) as it sees fit in order to protect the reputation and operations of its members.

  7. The statement of purpose of the Publications Board General Fee is ``To fund the basic operating and publishing expenses of student publications that do not receive Special Fees.''

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