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  1. Director
    1. Shall not be an elected officer of the Association.

    2. Shall be nominated by a Service Project Officer's Selection Committee, as specified in Article VIII, Section 1, of these By-Laws.

    3. Shall be confirmed in Spring Quarter by a two-thirds vote of the Senate.

    4. Shall serve as an ex-officio member on the Core Committee during the Spring quarter.

    5. Shall serve during the following Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, or until his/her successor has been chosen.

    6. May be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate or by the Council of Presidents. At least 48 hours written notice of his/her removal must be given to the him/her.

    7. If a vacancy occurs due to the death, resignation, or removal of the Director, then the Bureau Director's Selection Committee shall nominate a replacement for Senate approval, such an approval being by a two-thirds vote.

    8. Shall insure the enforcement of the Constitution, these By-Laws, Acts of the Senate, and the Rules of Order and Standing Rules of the Bureau.

    9. Shall be the primary spokesperson for the Bureau.

    10. Shall set the agenda of, call, and preside over all meetings of the Core Committee, and shall vote only in those cases where the vote would be decisive.

    11. Shall report to the Senate on the programming goals and plans of the Bureau following his/her selection (but no later than the eighth week of Spring quarter), and again at the beginning of Autumn quarter.

  2. Business Manager
    1. Shall be a member of the Core Committee nominated by the Director and confirmed by the Core Committee.

    2. May be removed by the Director with the consent of the Core Committee.

    3. Shall assist the Director in performing his/her duties.

    4. Shall perform the duties of the Director in his/her absence.

    5. Shall act as the Treasurer of the Bureau.

    6. Shall prepare periodic financial statements for the Core Committee.

  3. Officers shall be compensated in the amount and manner specified in the budget of the Bureau.

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