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Senate Resolution Concerning the 1982 Letter of Acceptance

September 28, 1982

Whereas, President Donald Kennedy, acting for the Board of Trustees, has approved, in his letter of August 21 1982, of the proposed changes to the Association Constitution,

Whereas, the changes proposed in Senate bills XII-SEN-BIL-RU-18 and XII-SEN-BIL-RU-20 were approved with no additional qualifications or understandings,

Whereas, the changes proposed in Senate bill XII-SEN-BIL-RU-16 were approved with the understanding that certain terms would be defined as they were presented in the text of the bill,

Whereas, the changes proposed in Senate bill XII-SEN-BIL-RU-23 were approved with qualifications and understanding presented in the letter of approval,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the Association

That the approval granted is recognized, thus completing the formal amendment process, and that the expressed qualifications and understandings are accepted as being as binding as the text of the amendments themselves, with the additional qualification that nothing shall prevent the Association from creating, abolishing, or modifying the structure of the agencies established to distribute funds from the Association Fee, provided that any successor organization complies with the requirements specified in the Constitution and the letter of approval.

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