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Letter Accepting Spring 1986 Amendments

June 4, 1986

T. Carey White
Chair, ASSU Senate
Associated Student of Stanford University
Tresidder Memorial Union
Stanford, California 94305

Dear Carey:
I write to approve the amendments to the ASSU Constitution which passed in the general election this Spring Quarter, and which were presented to me in your letter of May 7, 1986. Those amendments include:

SENATE BILL XVI-CA-4, which amends Article VII ``to modify the process for amending the Constitution'';

SENATE BILL XVI-CA-5, which amends Article VI ``to strengthen the constitutional provisions for initiative and referendum and modernize the provisions for recall'';

SENATE BILL XVI-CA-6, which amends Article V ``to let the students set the association fee''.

My approval of XVI-CA-6 is with the understanding that:

A vote to abolish or to modify the base amount of a General Fee, under Section C, will take precedence over a vote to raise or lower that Fee, under Section B;

An effort to divide an existing General Fee will be constructed as a proposal to modify the base amount of that Fee and create one or more new Fees, under Section C;

The ``lower limit'' referred to in Section C will be one lower limit applied to every General Fee in a given election;

The ratification of this amendment will not change the level of the 1986-87 Association Fee, which has already been established;

The base amounts for Program Board and Publications Board General Fees in the Spring, 1987, general election will be their respective shares of the 1986-87 Association Fee.

I wish you and the Association well in effecting these amendments.


Donald Kennedy

Mon May 9 17:07:17 PDT 1994