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  1. The twenty elected regular members of the Senate, along with the twenty elected alternate members, shall be chosen each year in the Association general election. This election shall be held on two consecutive weekdays during the second, third, or fourth week of Spring Quarter, the exact date to be specified in the By-Laws of the Association.

  2. Each of the elected regular and alternate members of the Senate shall, at the time of their election and during their continuance in office, be members of the Association and of the constituency they represent. However, during the general election, members of the Association may be elected from the constituency in which they will be enrolled during the next academic year.

  3. An elected member of the Senate shall cease to be a member of the Senate upon the event of her or his death, resignation, disqualification, recall, or expulsion. Except as otherwise provided in the By-Laws of the Association, the Senate shall call such special elections as are required to fill vacant regular seats in the Senate, and may at its discretion call special elections to fill vacant alternate seats.

  4. In the event that one or more regular seats in the Senate are vacant, the membership of the Senate for the purpose of determining quorums and counting votes shall be considered to be twenty-one minus the number of vacant regular seats.

  5. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as preventing the Senate from enforcing appropriate sanctions against candidates whose actions in seeking office were in violation of the laws governing student elections.

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