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Collection Schedule

After the Spring election results have been certified by the Senate, the Financial Manager shall devise and submit to the Senate for approval a schedule for the levying of the General and Special Fees which must conform to the following four principles:

  1. The amount levied during each of Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters shall be substantially the same, while that levied during Summer quarter shall be approximately one half this amount.

  2. The amount levied each quarter shall be an integral amount of dollars.

  3. The amount levied each quarter shall be apportioned among the General and Special Fees in a manner that shall provide an adequate cash flow for the concerned student organizations.

  4. All costs incurred by the Association in administering the approval, disbursement, and refund processes, and in enforcing compliance by the recipients of such funds with their authorized budgets, along with an appropriate portion of the general election costs, shall be paid by a surcharge levied on the authorized General and Special Fees. This surcharge shall be a uniform percentage of each Fee.

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