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Banking Requirement

  1. Any student organization which receives funds from fees assessed upon the members of the Association shall be required to deposit all funds of that organization with the Students' Organizations Fund and to comply with its rules and regulations. This requirement shall be independent of, and in addition to, any University regulations concerning the handling of student organizations' monies.

  2. The Senate shall have the authority to specify the conditions and terms under which, and the process by which, exemptions from this requirement may be made, and to provide for the enforcement of this requirement through appropriate sanctions. No exemption shall be approved for a period longer than one fiscal year, nor earlier than during the fiscal year preceding the one for which the exemption is valid. The Senate shall retain the ultimate authority over the approval, modification, and termination of all exemptions.

  3. Any other student organization recognized by the University may deposit its monies with the Fund, provided that it complies with the Fund's rules and regulations.

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