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Initiative is the power of the membership of the Association to enact any bill, resolution, order, or other original main motion within the power of the Senate (referred to in this Article as ``legislation''), including By-Law amendments, except for the following: appointment or removal of officers or employees of the Senate or the Association; the calling of, placement on the ballot of items for, or the certification of the results of, any Association election; or the exercise of the authority granted to the Senate by Article II, Section 5 (``Procedure'') of this Constitution. Subject to these exceptions, the initiative power shall include the power to modify or repeal any legislation previously approved by the Senate.

A measure adopted by initiative may be amended or repealed by the Senate, unless otherwise provided in the text of the measure; however, any initiative measure may be amended or repealed by the Senate after the end of the fiscal year in which it was adopted, any contrary provisions in the text of the measure notwithstanding.

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