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  1. If a petition of 10 percent of the members of the Association, stating the Senate legislation on which the referendum is requested, is submitted to the Elections Commission within 21 days after the Senate has enacted the legislation in question, not counting days between quarters, the Commission shall, within 48 hours after the petition was found to be valid, call an election on the question, unless it determines the petition not to be in good order within the limitation of this Constitution. The Senate may subsequently amend the call of this election, provided that it acts within 7 days after the petition was found to be valid. This election shall held not less than 7 nor more than 21 days after the Commission has found the petition to be valid.

  2. Once a petition seeking a referendum on a piece of legislation enacted by the Senate has been found to be valid, that piece of legislation shall be suspended pending the outcome of the referendum election. In particular, any funds budgeted or allocated by the Senate which had not been expended or encumbered before the referendum qualified for the ballot shall be frozen pending the outcome of the election. However, any action taken by officers of the Association persuant to an item of legislation approved by the Senate after it was initially approved, and before a referendum had qualified for the ballot, shall continue to be valid, even though such a referendum later qualifies for the ballot.

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