Article III: Executive Branch

Section 1: President and Vice President

A. Records

All official records of the President and Vice President are subject to the Freedom of Information provisions of the Constitution. Records includes, but is not limited to, all minutes, reports, background materials, letters, memoranda, or other documents (whether printed or electronic) generated by the President or the Vice President or committees or individuals overseen by the President acting in an official capacity.

B. Duties of the President and Vice-President

In addition to the duties described in the Constitution, the President shall:
  1. Coordinate with the Senate Budget and Finance Committee the production of the Association Annual Report.
  2. Make a quarterly State of the Association statement to the Senate.
  3. Oversee the operations of all Association Service Projects.
  4. In conjunction with the Financial Manager, oversee the finances of the Association, including all Association Business Projects.
  5. Work with the Nominations Commission to oversee the University committee system.
  6. Serve as Chair of the Administrative Cabinet.
The President may delegate any of these duties to the Vice President or to other members of the Association but ultimate responsibility lies with the President.

C. State of the Association Address

The President of the Association shall outline the current status of the Association and summarize its goals for the upcoming quarter in an address to the Senate to be given by the second Senate meeting of every quarter while the Senate is in session. Any changes in the operations or personnel of the Executive branch shall be announced at this time.

D. Association Annual Report

The President of the Association shall be responsible for presenting an annual report of the Association activities by the sixth week of Spring quarter. This report should contain descriptions and explanations of actions or programs sponsored by the Association, as well as a financial statement for the Association and its affiliates.

E. Committees

The President and the Vice President shall have the right to designate a representative to serve in their stead on all committees of which one of them is a member according to these By-Laws.

Section 2: Administrative Cabinet

The Administrative Cabinet shall be a cabinet composed of the President, the Vice President, the Chair of the Senate, the Financial Manager, the Directors of all the Service Projects of the Association, the Elections Commissioner, and the Chair of the Nominations Commission. It shall meet at least once a quarter under the leadership of the President to coordinate the administrative functioning of the Association.

Section 3: Vacancies

An executive office of the Association shall become vacant upon the death, resignation, removal or disqualification of the person otherwise entitled to hold such office.

A. Resignation

An executive officer shall be deemed to have resigned upon submission to the Senate Chair or Senate Secretary of a written statement of resignation.

B. Removal from Office

The President, Vice President, and the Financial Manager shall be removed from office only in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

C. Disqualification

An executive officer shall be disqualified from office upon failure to satisfy the qualifications provided by the Constitution and these By-Laws.