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Division of a Bill

  1. At any time during debate any member may obtain the floor and request that items contained in a bill be considered separately. If the bill consists exclusively of allocations of funds, or approvals of budgets (or modifications thereto), nominations, appointments to/removals from office, or placement on the ballot of ballot measures, then an ``item'' shall be defined to be an individual allocation of funds, line item of a budget, nomination, or appointment to/removal from office; or the placement on the ballot of an individual ballot measure.

    For all other bills, an ``item'' shall be defined to be a portion of the bill which has no intrinsic relation to other portions of the bill. This condition must be verified by either the author of the bill, the committee reporting the bill, or the Senate steering committee. Only upon such verification shall the motion to divide be in order. Under no circumstances shall an enactment clause be considered a separate item from the provision in the bill to which it pertains.

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