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Meetings of Committees of the Senate

  1. Regular meetings of the Standing Committees of the Senate shall be held during all even-numbered weeks of Autumn quarter and of all odd-numbered weeks of Winter and Spring quarters, except that no regular meetings shall be held during Dead Week or Final Examination Week, unless the Senate adopts a different schedule of meetings no later than its second meeting of Autumn quarter. Such a schedule, once adopted, may be amended by a majority vote, provided that notice was given at the previous meeting of the Senate.

  2. The day of the week and time of day for regular meetings of the Standing Committees shall be assigned by the Steering Committee of the Senate. In doing so, the Steering Committee shall take into consideration any preferences expressed by the members of each Committee, but shall also endevour to minimize any direct conflict of meeting times between two or more Standing Committees. The day, time, and place of all regular and special meetings of the Standing Committees shall be posted in the Senate office.

  3. Regular Standing Committee meetings shall adjourn no more than 90 minutes after their beginning, unless extended by the committee.

  4. All Committees of the Senate must meet in open session, i.e. members of the public wishing to attend or broadcast such meetings must be permitted to do so.

  5. A Committee of the Senate may not close any meeting to members of the Senate.

  6. No officer of a student organization receiving funds from the Association Fee may vote on allocating funds to that organization in the Appropriations Committee.

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