Software Projects

Links to code and documentation for a variety of security-related software.

Disclaimer: This is research software. No one associated with this work makes any claims whatsoever about the quality of this code, compatibility with any other systems, functionality, or performance.

SafeCache and SafeHistory
Related browser extensions that protect your privacy by silently defending against cache-based tracking techniques and visited-link-based tracking techniques (respectively).
A browser extension that produces a customized password for each site, preventing phishing and common-password attacks.
A browser extension to help prevent web spoofing (phishing).
Certificate Authority
Instructions and downloads for configuring your own certificate authority on Windows.
U-STOR-IT: A Secure Web-based File-sharing Program
A web-based file sharing system with flexible access policy concepts.
August: A Secure Distributed Calendar
A calendar program that allows a user to specify a privacy policy for each part of his or her calendar.
Java Byte-Code Filter
A project developed to modify Java byte-code on the fly in order to increase the security of mobile Java code.
Mobile-Code Security Mechanisms for Jini
A set of techniques for containing mobile Java code behavior and/or inserting code for profiling.
Secure Java RMI/Jini
An architecture for code filtering and trust management using enhancements to Jini primitives and library calling conventions.

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