Computer Related Links


Job search resources -- john chapin.
CS Faculty/Postdoc positions, Kaplan.
Geometry in Action.
The Geometry Forum.
Computational Geometry links.
Researchers in CG pages.
Alpha shapes.
Robotics Internet Resources Page.
Robotics Internet Compendium.
Computer Science Theory Homepage.
Computer Vision Resource Listing.
Computer Science research resources.
Computing Overview a list of Computer Resources.
The Unix Reference Desk.
Emacs lisp homepage
Emacs info page
Rob's Macintosh Home Page.
LaTeX manual.
Help with LaTeX.
Latex manual.
Internet Fax Server.
Jobs Online.


A collection of computer science bibliographies.
Electronic Journals - NASA LaRC Technical Library .
SIAM Journals (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) .
ACM Siggraph Bibliography Database .
Information and Computation Journal.
Geometry Bibliography Database.
Motion Planning Literature Database.
STOC-FOCS Database.
Bibliography Database.
Academic Press Professional Catalog


Archie Form at NCSA .
ArchiePlexForm .
List of Hypertext Archie Servers .
Search and Retrieve Software .
MATLAB information from MathWorks Inc.
Geometry Center Software .
A gallery of interactive online Geometry .
Computational geometry software listing .
3D ViewNix Software to visualize 3-D volumes.
GANG Geometry Archive.
Geosheet: Algorithm Visualization Tool
Ipe Home page


The Geometry Center Welcome Page .
Cornell Theory Center Tour .
ACM, Association for Computing Machinery.
INRIA, the French research institute.
National Science Foundation.


Geometry journals and conferences, David Eppstein.
Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry.


Silicon Graphics.
Digital Equipment Corporation ,DEC
SUN Microsystems.
Hewlett Packard.


A beginner's guide to HTML.
HTML Tutorial, an excellent HTML reference.
Guides to writing HTML.
The Web-developers virtual library.
Publicise your Web Document.
Netscape homepage .
Web Development Tools - info about animation .
The URL Minder, to help keep track of web pages.
Intellimatch - career web site.
Netscape's background sampler.
Nice selection of backgrounds.
Iain's textures on the WWW.
Making your mark on the web! .
Best of Web'94 Contest Winners.
The World Wide Web project from CERN provides a summary of the project.
Tele-robotic installation, aka mow your lawn on the web.
A list of Robots on the Web.


Nasa Ames Image Library System .
Digital Picture Archive .
Welcome to the Pathfinder Project Library .
DCS Icon Browser.
Graphic Element Supplies (from Stanford).
Daniel's Icon Browser.
Cloud Gallery, some amazing pictures.
Vern's 3-D Picture Gallery.
A searchable list of the images at wuarchive, and a direct connection to wuarchive.
Images of .
Images in (Art)^n Laboratory .
Images from India .

Online Movies

MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group FAQ .
MPEG Movie Archive .
MPEG and image Home Page .

Computer Games

A list of Interactive Games on the Net.
Games Domain with info about net games.
Distributed graphical real-time Interactive Game.
WebWorld Game.
Mud connector
Muds, Mushes, and Moos -- An Index


Interesting Devices Connected to the Net.
Computational Biology Gopher .
Robotics, Archaelogy, and Interactive Art.
Geographical Distribution of Net Sites .
Deciding the Gamma of your Monitor .
The SenseMedia Netsurfer .
3D Computer Graphics page.
Anonymous Mailer.

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