Fun Links


Time Daily and Weekly.
Time Pathfinder.
The nation.
SF Bay Guardian .
San Jose Mercury News.
The Nando Times, an electronic newspaper.
Reuters international headlines.
New World: Alternative Media, Chomsky.
Znet, contains Noam Chomsky Archive.
The Hindu .
Tribcom, the Internet Newspaper.
Computer News Daily.
Electronic Newstand .
Newspage, an information service.

Cool Links

A cool site of the day, and another one!
Funky site of the day.
Spider's Pick of the day.
David Siege's High Five for excellence in site design.
Today links.
Yahoo Cool Links.
Send a digital Postcard to a friend on the net.
Brittania's Birthdays Database.
Idea Futures - Betting on Scientific Hypotheses.
Worst of the web.
The seeress of the web
Learn spanish
Spanish to English dictionary
English to Spanish dictionary
Spanish, Spanish, espanol
Spanish language and culture
Human languages page


Amazon bookstore.
Books On-line, a metalist of online book sources.
The English Server .
A collection of dictionaries .
Project Gutenberg Master Index .
Electronic Books at Wiretap
The On-line Archive of Electronic Texts at Virginia.
The Internet Book Information Center
A poetry database.
Science Fiction Resource Guide.
Moe's Book store, Berkeley.
Future Fantasy, a Science Fiction, Fantasy bookstore.
Encyclopaedia Brittanica online.
Library of Congress.
New World Books by Mail.


The Nando Times, an electronic newspaper.
The Hindu .
San Jose Mercury News.
San Francisco Chronicle.
San Francisco Examiner.
The Gate.
Tribcom, the Internet Newspaper.
Time Daily News.
Time Magazine - Weekly .
New York Times Syndicate.
Palo Alto Weekly Home Page .
Time Universe.
USA Today .
International Teletimes -- Home Page .
WiReD Magazine.
SF Free Press.


Comics Books and Comic Strips page.
Comics page.
Calvin and Hobbes Homepage.
European Comics on the Web.
Asterix Annotations, an impressive collection!


Laugh Web.
Index to humor archive.
More humor on the net.
Adrian's humor collection.
Humorous Quotations Archive.
Bartlett's Quotation Archive.
Loqtus quotation archive.
Send Fake Mail!!


Lyrics Server .
Lyrics Server Search page.
The lyrics site in germany .
The Internet Underground Music Archive .
The Ultimate Band List .
The Mammoth Music Meta-List.
Pink Floyd Homepage. .
Your Pink Floyd and Barrett Source. .
Dire Straits Homepage. .
R.E.M. Home Page.
Elvis Prestley Home Page. .
Adam Curry's .
BMG Music Club Catalog and Reply Card .
Noteworthy: Music shopping catalog .
Indian Music Info.
The Searchable Itrans Hindi Song Index .


CNN Web page.
TV Net, guide to TV Shows.
TV Tonite, comprehensive TV program listing.
Late Show with David Letterman.
KQED On Line.
FOX Broadcasting.
Shortwave Radio Homepage.
BBC Home page.


Bay area movie timings guide.
Cardiff's Movie Database Browser.
Film reviews and criticism.
Walt Disney Studios. .
Star Wars Multimedia Server.
Star Trek TNG Home page
Live Television Feed from MIT!
Video demonstration technology from MIT!


Web Museum.
Art on the Net.
M.C. Escher Gallery.
Ansel Adams Home Page.
Louvre Art Museum Homepage.
@art - electronic art gallery.
Alamkara, 5000 Years of Indian Art.
Art History Server.
Kaleidospace, an independent art page.


TravelWeb Index Page .
Condenast Travel Guide.
Virtual Tourist Worldwide web-information.
Alamo, includes directions to popular sites.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages.
City Net contains info about cities of the World.
Project Gutenberg 1991-CIA edition (from UMN Gopher) .
Travelers' Tales Resource Center .
Grand Canyon Homepage .
Images from Brazil.
BRASIL - the world champions!! .
Airlines - Tollfree Phone Numbers.


ESPN Sportszone. .
ESPN Sportszone Soccer. .
Intel chess championship. .
World championship live. .
Inside Chess .
Soccer news from the sports server. .
Soccer on US TV. .
Albertos homepage for Soccer events. .
International soccer results. .
WWW Soccer Resource List.
Guide to the World of Skiing.
Lake Tahoe Skiing Homepage.
World Skiing Information.
Cricinfo gopher service.


Photography Information .
Amusement, Fun, Entertainment and Recreation .
The Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful on the WWW.
Internet Restaurant Guide.
How to build an Atomic Bomb.
SPIRIT-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW.

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