Local Interest Links


Stanford University .
Robotics Laboratory .
Portfolio - Stanford Academic Info now includes course listings!
Stanford Instructional Television Network (SITN) .
Sunday Movies at Stanford .
ASHA Stanford Homepage.

Palo Alto

City of Palo Alto Home Page .
Palo Alto Weekly Home Page .
Palo Alto Restaurant Information.
The Guide to the Good Life - Restaurant Info.
The Edge, Dance Club.
History of Palo Alto Street Names.

Bay Area

Bay Area Network Companion.
Bay Area Online .
Bay Net .
San Jose Living .
San Jose links .
Concerts in the SF Bay Area.
Live view of San Francisco from the Fairmont Hotel.
SF Chronicle Date book.
Bay Area Transportation Information.
CalTrain Schedule.
BART Schedule.
San Francisco Hotel Reservations .
San Jose Mercury News.
San Francisco Chronicle.
San Francisco Examiner.

Local Weather

San Francisco area and San Jose area Weather Reports from Illinois.
Daily and miscellaneous climatology reports.

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