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The Beauty of India Home Page
India: WWW Virtual Library
Headline News from India
Asian Indian Network FTP site.
India-related Links.
More India-related Links.
India.. As if in a dream!
Universities in India
ASHA Stanford Homepage.
IIT Madras Homepage.
Software Technology Park in India.
India World (paid access)
Telugu Home Page.
Itrans Hindi Song Database.
HungerWeb Home Page.
A list of non-profit Organizations on the Web.
Currency Exchange Rates.
Iranian home page .

Weather and Geology

The Daily Planet.
Weather Processor WWW server .
Current Weather Maps/Movies .
Weather & global monitoring .
Interactive Weather Browser .
Satellite Images.
Current United States Surface Map on your X root window.
United States Geological Survey Home Page .
USGS National Earthquake Information Center .
Current Earthquake Information.
Index of Meteorology Information.
Integrated Earth Information Server at NSF.


A List of Commercial sites on the Web .
The Stock Market Charts on the web.
World Wide Yellow Pages!
AT&T 800 Directory.
Cyberdeals Shopping Homepage.
Branch Information Service .
The Internet Shopkeeper .
Order Pizza from Pizza-Hut .
1-800-Flowers .
Consumer News .
Better Business Bureau .
Interactive Yellow Pages .
Net Center Home Page.
The Net Market.
Contests and Surveys.
TICKETnet ticket distribution.
Visa Homepage with an ATM Locator!.


Realtime Southern Cal Traffic Information!!.
My list of FTP Sites.
Federal and State Tax Info.
The Obituary Page.

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