Starting Points and Indexes to Net Resources

Searchable Indices

CUI search engine catalog is a multipurpose catalog of a variety of different search engines.
Hunting WWW using Lycos.
Yahoo search engine.
SUSI Search, a simple unified search interface.
Infoseek search.
External Info, at Twente University also offers unified searches.
Selected phonebooks for North American institutions to search for people.
Netfind - to search for an email address.

Subject Listings

Yahoo, a guide to the WWW.
The WWW Virtual library from CERN is a great subject catalogue.
The Whole Internet Catalog from GNN is an excellent subject reference.
Planet Earth is an exhaustive subject-compilation.
Libraries Automation Service.
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet is a good subject catalogue.
An Internet Hypertext List is a subject-listing based on Yanoff's internet list.
Joel's Hierarchical Subject Index is another subject-listing.
EI Net Galaxy is another subject-wise listing from EINet.
General Overview of Worldwide Internet Resources is another subject-list.
Internet Resources List is EIT's list of net services.
Internet Information Sources a comprehensive list of Net Services.
Starting points.

Subject Meta-Listings

Virtual Libraries is CERN's Meta-list of Subject-indices.
The Clearinghouse for subject-oriented Internet resource guides is a good searchable meta-list.
List of Electronic References including Dictionary, Thesaurus.

Other Starting Points

Internet starting points list from NCSA has pointers to lots of interesting hosts.
Internet Resources Metamap is a graphical map of resources on the net.

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