United States:

  • Stanford:

  • The home page for SRI International, which includes the AI Center and the Computer Science Laboratory. This SRI International ftp site contains Peter Norvig's library of AI-related Lisp programs. The CSL ftp site at SRI contains the Proof Verification System (PVS) theorem prover.
  • The Kestrel Institute.
  • Leslie Lamport's web page on the Temporal Logic of Actions.
  • The Larch Prover web page at MIT, and the Larch Prover page at SGI.

  • The NuPrl page at Cornell, as well as the Formal methods at Cornell page.
  • The Framework for Resolution-based Proof Procedures, FRAPPS, is a theorem prover in LISP for educational use, co-written by yours truly, can be found in this ftp site at Illinois.
  • The Argonne National Laboratory web site. Ftp-ables include tech reports ( general FTP directory here) and the theorem-prover OTTER. Some combinatory logic experiments with OTTER can be found here at Penn State.
  • David McAllester's WWW page at AT&T research.
  • The BYU Laboratory for Applied Logic Home Page.
  • At the University of Iowa one can find Hantao Zhang's SATO and the Rewrite Rule Laboratory (ftp dirs).
  • Ken Kunen's home page at Univ. Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Texas: The Automated Theorem-Proving group at the University of Texas at Austin. And there's also Computational Logic, Inc, where Nqthm, a.k.a. the Boyer-Moore theorem prover, is.
  • The home page for David Plaisted's research group at the University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill.
  • More general things:

  • The Xerox PARC web site, and FTP directories for Europarc, Concurrent Constraint Programming, and Common Lisp standards.
  • At Rutgers, we have all the DIMACS challenge business.
  • The Carnegie-Mellon University CS Technical Reports FTP site, and the AI repository.
  • There's the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) at Berkeley.
  • The First Workshop On Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming PPCP-93 Position Papers can be found in this Brown University ftp-site, in this directory. Here is the Brown University tech report site, including some CLP-related items.
  • There's the NASA Langley Research Center library of technical reports, and a list of report servers. Here's the NASA Langley Formal Methods page.
  • The Indiana University logic group ftp site.
  • Here's CIRL at Oregon.
  • Here's the JAIR (Journal of AI research).
  • Other random links:

    The Stanford home page.

    The Computer Science Department home page.

    The Stanford Theory home page.

    Tomás E. Uribe