Stanford Security Seminar 1998-99


The focus of the Stanford Security Seminar is on communication between Stanford and the outside world on any and all topics pertaining to computer security.  Typically, a speaker from industry or elsewhere in academia presents their current work in an informal setting on the Stanford campus. These symposia are open to the public and are generally accessible and interesting to experts and laypeople alike.

A secondary focus is the sampling of the various delectable junk-food goodies indigenous to supermarkets everywhere.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list on which announcements of upcoming seminars are posted, and which may be used for discussion of the seminars either before or after they occur.  The address of the list itself is  security-seminar@lists.stanford.eduAnyone may join the list by sending a message to  with "subscribe security-seminar" in the body of the message.

Time and Place

Seminars occur on approximately alternate Tuesdays at 4:15 PM in room 104 of the Gates building at Stanford University.  For various maps showing both how to reach the campus and how to find the Gates building, see .


3/30/1999 Paul Kocher <> on Differential Power Analysis and Problems in Applied Cryptography

3/16/1999 Jimmy Kuo <> on Deep Inside an AntiVirus Engine

3/2/1999 James Gray <> on Lightweight Security Protocols for Consumer Electronics Devices

2/16/1999 Ran Canetti <> on A Framework for Authentication and Key-Exchange Protocols

1/19/1999 Ron Moritz <> on Mobile Code: Enterprise Security Issues and Solutions

12/7/1998 Cynthia Dwork <> on Concurrent Zero-Knowledge

11/17/1998 Dennis Volpano <> on Confinement Properties for Programming Languages

11/10/1998 Andrew Wright <>

10/20/1998 Matt Blaze <> on Atomic Proxy Cryptography

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