This is a partial list of public presentations on Ajay Chander's scientific work.




Resource Bounds Enforcement by Static Verification

      European Symposium on Programming, Edinburgh, April 2005.


JVer: A Verifier for Java Bytecode

      Computer Aided Verification Conference, Edinburgh, July 2005.


PHAT: A Practical High Assurance Trust Management System

      International Security Conference, Palo Alto, September 2004.

      Stanford University, September 2003.


A State Transition Model of Trust Management and Access Control

      IEEE Computer Security Foundations, Nova Scotia, June 2001.


Reconstructing Trust Management

      ACM and IFIP Workshop on Security, Portland, June 2002.

      Stanford University, September 2003.


Java Security by Bytecode Instrumentation

      DARPA Meeting, Philadelphia, October 2000.


Prooflets: A general paradigm for auto-certifiable mobile code and its implementation in the Coq Proof Assistant

      The Strachey Lecture in Computer Science, Oxford, February 1998.