Teaching Material for Concepts in Programming Languages

Stanford CS 242

The Stanford course is a 10-week course covering most of the book. The course web site has

Solutions to homework problems are available to instructors who list their courses below.

Courses at other universities

These courses use Concepts in Programming Languages as a primary text. Many of these course web sites contain a course material, such as a syllabus, homework problems,  programming projects, and exams, that may be useful in planning your course (if you are an instructor) or learning more about programming languages (if you are a student).

If you have a relevant course web site and you are willing to have it listed here, please send email to J. Mitchell.

Other adoptions

The book is also used as a supplementary or recommended additional text in a number of courses.
Some courses on logic programming and on computational linguistics use Chapter 15 (By K.R. Apt) alone.

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