MATH 108: Introduction to Combinatorics and its Applications

Stanford University, Winter 2017

Lectures: Tue/Thu 1:30 - 2:50 PM, room 380C
Instructor: Jan Vondrak (
Course Assistant: Zev Rosengarten (
Office hours:
Monday 3-4 pm, 383-J (Jan)
Friday 3-4 pm, 381-N (Zev)

FINAL EXAM: Monday, March 20, 12:15 - 3:15 PM in 380-C.
Sample Final Exam and some information here .

Homework: Weekly problem sets, due in class or in my mailbox on Tuesday:

Homework 1, due January 24. Solutions.
Homework 2, due January 31. Solutions.
Homework 3, due February 7. Solutions.
Homework 4, due February 21. Solutions.
Homework 5, due February 28. Solutions.
Homework 6, due March 7. Solutions.
Homework 7, due March 14. Solutions.

Course description: This is an introductory course in combinatorics. Tentative list of topics: A more detailed syllabus can be downloaded here.

Prerequisites: Linear algebra and calculus (Math 51).

Textbook: While much of the material we will cover is in this book, some isn't. You are expected to come to class and take your own notes.

Midterm and final exam: will be closed-book (one 3" x 5" card of notes allowed).

Class policy is: PLEASE SOLVE THE PROBLEMS ON YOUR OWN. If the problems seem too hard, something's wrong - come and talk to me.
Please try to write out complete arguments, using full sentences in a way that we can read them.

If you don't have experience with rigorous proofs, here is a nice essay on how to construct proofs and write them down properly.