Kostas Kollias

I was a Ph.D. student in MS&E, advised by Professor Tim Roughgarden.

I graduated in 2015 and I have joined Google Research.

Thesis Papers

V. Gkatzelis, K. Kollias, and T. Roughgarden. Optimal Cost-Sharing in General Resource Selection Games. Operations Research (OR), 2016.

M. Gairing, K. Kollias, and G. Kotsialou. Tight Bounds for Cost-Sharing in Weighted Congestion Games. International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP), 2015.

K. Kollias, and T. Roughgarden. Restoring Pure Equilibria to Weighted Congestion Games. ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation (TEAC), 2015.

You may see my Google Research profile for post-graduation publications.